Out with the old, in with the new.

It has been a while since I last updated this site, and boy was it due. With this update I have re-built the whole thing from the ground up using WordPress. What a wonderful CMS! I started off with the Twentyten theme and customized it with my design and these plugings: NextGen Gallery, Contact form 7, and Smooth Slider. A big thank you to all the developers who have put in all hours to make it possible for me and other bloggers to create a site in a matter of a weekend (or two).

OK, so by inference, I just called myself a blogger, and I should make it clear that’s not what I am. As an ACD I do my share of writing, but my background is design and Flash. That said, in my day to day work and life I make certain discoveries that I think may be worth sharing. That coupled with the ability to quickly update my site from anywhere made the choice of WordPress a nobrainer.

So that’s my first blog post. I will do my best to post here on at least a semi-regular basis.

2 Replies to Out with the old, in with the new.

  1. admin

    September 3, 2010 • 12:24 pm

    This is a test comments

  2. BernieR

    October 28, 2010 • 8:06 am

    Todo dinŠ±mica y muy positiva! :)


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